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8 Best Farming Games on Android

Looking to relax with some peaceful farming games? You’ve come to the right place

 Best Farming Games: Relaxing gaming pair well with new Android tablets and phones; After seeing how much there was on the Play Store, he tried to give the game a simulation. Unfortunately, these games tend to be macroscopic in nature and can end up tying the player to too many menus and micro-controls. On the other hand, some of the best Android games come from simulation games that offer gardening, harvesting, and farming themes. Fortunately, this game runs slowly, has reduced gameplay, and started maintenance, making it more suitable for casual mobile games. So, we have rounded up the best farming games for Android to guide Android users to find some fun and relaxing titles. Come over!

Stardew Valley (Free Download)

We just had to add Stardew Valley. Popular among casual gamers, the farming and city-building lifestyle requires no sim familiarity. You play as a new opportunist who moved to the valley looking for a new life in the world of beautiful pixel art. The game involves building houses, producing crops and supplies for trade and local businesses, and interacting with charming NPC characters. The world itself bursts with style and personality, with seasonal changes and weather affecting your surroundings and the inhabitants of the valley. Although it can be a bit slow at times and has some annoying RNG elements, Stardew Valley is here, maybe above Animal Crossing. Take your time to experiment, and you can change the game to make it last longer.

Sumikkogurashi Farm (Free Download)

Aesthetics play a significant role in the atmosphere of the game. Games like Animal Crossing emerge in part because of their cute animal casts and open-ended natures that express users’ creativity and imagination. Sumikkogurashi Farm aims to bring charm with its subtle color palettes and simple graphics. The game focuses on building a farm and harvesting crops; you will take care of animals, fulfill requests and dress Sumikkogurashi. It’s an adorable experience that you shouldn’t miss if you’re on Animal Crossing but set on a farm.

​​​Hay Day (Free Download)

Now, if you’re looking for a harvest experience where you don’t have to worry about your crops dying or being damaged by rain, we recommend checking out Hay Day. On Hay Day, you are responsible for creating an agricultural paradise on your property. As you prepare crops and take care of farm animals such as chickens, pigs and cows, you will ensure your farm is prosperous. In addition, you can add buildings and facilities, conduct trade, and join a community of up to 30 players. Ultimately, you can decide how your farming paradise plays out; Hay Day gives you all the tools you need to get there.

Toca Nature (Free Download)

Toca Nature shares the outdoor and open theme, allowing you to walk through a living and alive desert. Cut and shape the landscape to your liking, pop it with life, and zoom in to get a closer look at the creatures. Of course, you need to take care of the animals around you to help them grow and thrive in the environment you create. This game creates the feeling of having a personal garden, creating a sense of zen as everything grows and integrates into your handmade environment. Your mind is completely relaxed while playing this.

Best Farming Games on Android

Blocky Farm (Free Download)

Have you ever thought of a deep farming game with Minecraft graphics? A block farm is exactly that. You will manage your farm, visit the city, fish and interact with animals and neighbors – don’t let the pixelated style fool you, because the game is all about personality and life. The best part is that you can play this game offline at 60 FPS, so completing missions won’t go wrong, making the whole experience smooth as butter. If you are into this graphic game style and enjoy playing farming games, then definitely give it a go.

Terrarium: Garden Idle (Free Download)

Adding to the mix of realism and patience is what Terrarium: Idle Garden is all about. The game simulates the real experience of growing trees slowly. The main twist is the idle clicker mechanic, where you can place different plants and click them to earn and collect points when you are not playing. The plant is said to grow to a rewarding height. Terrarium: Idle Garden is a great game to download if you’re tired of farming and want to tend to a small collection of plants instead; This is a good example to think about how we can take care of plants in real life.

Township (Free Download )

After a few posts in this list, you can be ready to play more complex and interesting games. The village combines the best of the worlds of city building and farming. Harvesting crops, expanding your city and upgrading your factories are essential to the gameplay. The best part is that you can do as little or as much as you want, because there are many ways to set up your city’s activities and economy. Even with the game’s wide focus, it is not too difficult to play.

Pocket Plants (Free Download)

Pocket plant combines several different elements to create something very unique. Terrarium: Like the Idle Garden, you can focus on gardening instead of the entire farm area. In Pocket Plants you have to bring to life several different worlds with plant life, discover new plant species and grow your collection. Each world has holes that resemble the best match-3 games with stylized backgrounds that add a lot of game visuals and appeal. Overall, the idle style gameplay of Pocket Plants is perfect for players looking for a smaller and slower spin similar to other farming and harvesting games.

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Planting and harvesting brings a peace of mind on Android

Similar to simulation games, the best sandbox games for Android offer an open-ended gameplay loop where players squeeze themselves while playing. That’s why we even go to budget Android phone options for games with good-sized farming elements. However, themes and aesthetics play an important role in enjoyment and satisfaction, so we’ve sprinkled some games into the mix and hope this list gives you plenty to do.

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