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What is Momix APK ? Features of Momix Apk

The best streaming app that brings video content from popular streaming platforms.

Momix APK is the best streaming app that brings you video content from popular streaming platforms and networks. You can enjoy unlimited movies and video content from popular networks around the world. Watch movies, web series and TV series and more. You can stream video content from Netflix, Voot, WWE Network, HBO, Zee5, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube Premium and more.

This is an era of well-developed technology. This technology makes it easier and faster for people. In the past, video entertainment had to go to the cinema or television. But today technology has brought all video entertainment to mobile devices. There are thousands of platforms and applications that are used to entertain users. Several networks and entertainment platforms have gained popularity worldwide. Millions of people go to this platform for entertainment.

Momix app brings all the entertainment from that popular platform in one app. This app has ocean of video streaming for you. This app provides buffer free streaming from many global entertainment networks. Watch HD streaming of popular video content. You can watch latest Hollywood movies and English series in HD. Enjoy premium videos in HD quality. Get the latest hits from Netflix, HBO, YouTube Premium, Zee5, WWE Network, Voot and dozens of other platforms and networks. This app brings thousands of latest and most popular videos from different platforms

Momix APK

What is Momix APK?

It is an all-in-one video entertainment app that summarizes the video content of globally popular platforms in one app. It brings thousands of movies in different categories. You can stream millions of premium videos. Watch the latest release from Netflix and others. Enjoy nonstop entertainment with top trending videos. Get all the updates and trailers of upcoming entertainment floods and much more.

Momix APK Features

A Huge Collection of Videos

There are various video entertainment programs and networks with millions of videos. But when you put all those networks together, it creates Momix. So here you can get a collection of videos with millions of videos. These videos are from different entertainment networks and have different categories. Enjoy hundreds of video categories. Each category has thousands of videos. You will get endless video entertainment in this application.

Dozens of entertainment networks

Netflix, Youtube Premium, Prime Video, Voot and other paid platforms. You have to pay a lot of money for a monthly subscription. You have to pay a lot of money to access all these entertainment platforms. But Momix APK helps you save all your money. Since they offer all those platforms for free, you can enjoy popular paid platforms here. It also provides many paid and free video entertainment platforms. You can access WWE Network, Zee5, HBO, Hulu and many other networks. In total, there are dozens of video platforms in this program. All these platforms are free.

Watch Unlimited Movies

If you love watching movies, there is nothing better than this app. It has all the movies from the top entertainment industry. Get thousands of latest movies. You can watch the latest and most popular movies of Hollywood and Bollywood. Watch box office hits and other blockbusters. Enjoy movies in different categories. This application serves its users with dozens of movie categories. There are thousands of movies in each category.

English Web Series

Millions of people are fans of the web series. The web series is a successful startup in the entertainment industry. The English series is famous all over the world. This app brings hundreds of popular English web series to its users. Watch Netflix series and web series from other global entertainment networks.

TV Shows & TV Series

There are thousands of TV channels and networks. This TV network entertains its users with TV series and serials. These TV shows and series have also attracted millions of viewers. Momix APK also cares about those millions of viewers. It provides hundreds of serials and TV series for users. You can watch 1899, Wednesday, Man vs Bee, Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhen, Fame Game and many more TV series. Enjoy thousands of local and global TV channels. This app offers TV shows in various categories. So people of all ages can enjoy their favorite shows.

Momix APK mod

Dubbed Videos

The app also offers dubbing features for movies and videos. Don’t understand the language used in the video? Then switch to the duplicate version of this feature. This app has thousands of dubbed movies and series in different languages. All popular movies and videos are available with dubbing in different languages.

Live Streaming Feature

Mobile has become a platform for live streaming of various sports and other events. This application also brings joy to sports lovers. Its live streaming feature allows you to watch live broadcasts. You can watch cricket, football and other sports. Enjoy IPL and other cricket matches live in HD quality. This app offers live streaming in various categories. Sports streams are at the top of the list in several live streaming categories.

Screen Casting With Chromecast Feature

Chrome Cast has become the most popular feature these days. This is an AI creation that helps the screen. With this feature, you can capture videos on different screens. Momix’s Chromecast feature lets you shoot and enjoy videos on the big screen. You can send your videos to Android TV or Firestick. Enjoy entertainment on the big screen with your family. Watch IPL Live on TV with your friends.

HD Video Quality

Video quality is always under the radar when it comes to streaming apps. High quality video streams cause buffering. Therefore, most streaming platforms do not offer high video quality. But Momix offers good video quality. You can watch movies and series in HD. You can display videos in different video formats. This app offers 360p, 720p & 1080p. The powerful and fast servers of this app provide uninterrupted HD streaming.

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Momix APK mod

Buffering Free Streaming Services

This streaming platform has fast and powerful servers. This server provides uninterrupted entertainment. You can enjoy the video stream without buffering. Even in 1080p video quality, you will not face any buffering.

Apart from full movies and TV series, this app offers much more. This application informs you about the most popular videos and movies. You can find all the trending videos from the top trending section. This app also gives you latest Netflix releases and other latest releases. You can also get all the trailers and information about upcoming movies and series.

Stay Updated About Your Favorite Celebrities

Do you like to see celebrity messages? Are you a celebrity fan? Get all the news and updates about different celebrities. You can get latest videos and news articles about different celebrities. Follow popular celebrities from the entertainment industry, cricket, music groups and more.

Categorized Content

This app has millions of videos from different platforms. But all information is shared in good order. You can access the content you want from different platforms. Get cross-platform video content. Browse videos by category. Watch movies by genre and category.

Easy User Interface

Momix APK comes with a very straightforward and easy interface. Just go to Netflix, Voot or any other network to get all the videos on this platform. You can also access videos by category. Browse movies, series, live shows, premium videos and other categories. There is also a search box. You can find a video or live stream by typing the name into the search box.

Momix APK mod

Built-in Video Player

A video player is always necessary to play or stream any video. This streaming app also has a built-in video player. This means you don’t need an external media/video player. The built-in video player gives you many options. You can pause/resume live broadcast or video stream. Fast forward or reverse the video. Easily skip to the next or previous video.

No Registration Required

Unlike all paid video platforms, this app does not ask for registration. You can access many videos without logging in or registering.

No Ads to Hinder Your Entertainment

Ads always interrupt your enjoyment while watching videos. This app does not bother its users with ads. Block all ads to provide a smooth streaming service.

No Need to Pay Real Money to Momix

Most video entertainment networks and online streaming applications ask for real money. But this app helps users avoid those fees. You can access unlimited video entertainment without paying a single cent. Momix does not ask users to pay anything. So get the app now and enjoy the ocean of free video entertainment.

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Momix APK mod


All devices can use this app. This application can be used on PC, Laptop, iOS and Android devices. But this site has a special Android version of the application. All types of Android users can get this dose of fun. Download From APKPURE


Momix APK is the best choice for free video streaming. This app gives you millions of basic and premium videos. Watch unlimited videos in multiple categories. It provides you latest blockbusters, box office collections and thousands of movies. Get the latest Netflix series and series. You can enjoy top and premium video platforms for free. Enjoy Netflix, WWE Network, Zee5, Hulu, Voot, HBO, Eros Now, Disney +, Prime Video, Alibi and dozens of other platforms.


Is Momix app legal in India?

Yes, this video streaming platform is legal in India and many other countries. 

How many are Video Streaming platforms in Momix?

It offers dozens of streaming platforms, including Netflix, Voot, HBO, Prime Video, WWE Network, and many others. 

Why is Momix App not working?

Momix app provides its services all over the world. It may be restricted to some regions of the world. So you head to a VPN or proxy service. If the problem exists even after using a proxy, then you should go to the latest version. This page has the latest version of Momix for you. 

Is Momix a paid app?

No, it is 100% free. One can enjoy unlimited streaming of videos & movies without paying a penny. 

Is the Momix app safe?

Yes, the latest version of Momix given here is safe to use. All the bugs & glitches are fixed in this version. 

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