“Virgin River Season 2”: Will “Jack” leave “Anna” and go back to his ex-wife? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

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“Never judge a book by its cover”. Well, all heard that at one point in our lives haven’t we? But if you want to see an entire series based on this “thought of the day”, well, you’re in luck! “Virgin River” is an American romance drama TV series that will take you through a beautiful journey through the complexities of life itself. And it seems that “Virgin River Season 2” is coming soon!

“Virgin River” is an adaptation of Robyn Carr’s popular book of the same name. The first season came out in December, and following an amazing response from the fans, the creators soon decided to renew it for a Season 2.

“Virgin River Season 2” will be available on Netflix. Keep reading to know more!

Release date: “Virgin River Season 2”

It as announced in 2019 that “Virgin River” would be back soon for a second season. Well, we’ve got some pretty good news for you! The shootings for the series have been wrapped up, and the post-production formalities are underway. So, the show is pretty much on track for a late July or an early August release.


Considering how most of the entertainment industry is a mess right now, “Virgin River” is one of those few shows which will be streamed on time. Kudos to the producers!

You can always follow their Instagram for the latest updates!

Star cast: “Virgin River Season 2”

“Virgin River” is one of those pure-bred series where you see the art of intricate acting to the fullest. The way the actors have managed to portray the different characters and scenarios is truly appreciable. Leading the stage we have Alexandra Brackenridge as the beautiful Melinda. The other characters involve Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Collin Lawrence as John Middleton, and Laren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts.

melinda in Virgin riveralexandra Breckenridge

Plot: “Virgin River Season 2”

As expected, Season 2 will leave off from where Season1 left off. By the end of Season 1, we find Melinda confused about whether or not she wants to continue her stay at the Virgin River.  Well, will she find what she came here to find? Well, we don’t know!

Another aspect we would like to highlight is that Season 2 would probably dig deeper into her relationship with Jack and her Boss. The first season left way too many questions regarding this triangle? What exactly is going on?

Martin hendeson plays the role of Jack in Virgin River

Also, there is a possibility that Jack actually might go back to his ex-wife. Considering how realistic the series has been till now, this assumption is not out of the cards either! Hence, you see, even such a simple story managed to create so many speculations about it! For now, we can just wait and watch!

Storyline: “Virgin River Season 2”

For our readers who haven’t watched the series yet, you know the most beautiful thing about the series? It’s a show where every time there’s a romantic scene, a soothing background track starts playing creating a beautiful vibe. Kinda gives a “theatre musical” feel, doesn’t it? If you’re a get-set-go kind of person, this might be too much for you! But if you’re someone who loves to wander off into the intricacies of life, this is a treat you wouldn’t want to miss!

Coming back to the actual story, “Virgin River” revolves around the life of Melinda, a nurse, who leaves her hectic life and takes up a job in the peaceful little town of Virgin River. However, more than the job she just wanted to get out of the bustling city life and run away from her painful memories. But will she be able to?

Come on, where’s the fan if we reveal everything! Have a look, you’ll surely enjoy it. Or maybe even fall in love again!

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