[Updated] TikTok 18+ APK v1.5.9 Free Download For Android 2024
TikTok 18+ APK -1MODAPK

[Updated] TikTok 18+ APK v1.5.9 Free Download For Android 2024

vv1.5.9 by Douyin. Me

If you are a content creator or short video lover and want a featured app that can meet your needs? If yes, then here we tell you about Tiktok 18+ APK, an application in which you can easily create short videos content with many features and guidance. This app is developed by Tiktok 18+, which introduces exciting features to create short videos or stories for your account.

Name Tiktok 18+ APK Tiktok 18+ APK is the most famous version in the Tiktok 18+ APK series of publisher
Publisher Douyin. Me
Genre App
Size 24 MB
Version v1.5.9
Update July 2, 2024
Get it On Play Store
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Download (24 MB)

TikTok 18+ APK : In this social media world, everyone has an online presence on TikTok and can share their thoughts and opinions with others. TikTok 18+ APK, the viral short-form video platform, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re interested in lip-syncing videos or dance challenges, TikTok is the platform you need to express yourself. If you are a TikTok lover and it is restricted in your region, you can try TikTok 18+ APP.

TikTok 18 MOD APK 1
TikTok 18 MOD APK 1

Description Tiktok 18+ APK

In this updated version of TikTok, you can get additional video features and great tutorials to make shorts. Since this version of TikTok is not an official app, it is not available on the Google Play Store, so it is also available on third-party websites. Today viewers prefer to watch short and satisfying videos to entertain their business.

This modified version of TikTok 18+ is specially designed for adults and all content in this app is intended for adults as the name of the app explains the 18+ content restriction. The most useful feature of this application is that you do not need any information or personal information to access or sing on Tiktok 18+ APK.

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For content creators, this app offers many features and capabilities to create videos and you can choose a specific time for your video like 10-60 seconds because viewers prefer to watch short videos. This app offers more templates than the original to make short videos from these templates. However, this unique program is limited in some countries.

TikTok 18+ APK
TikTok 18+ APK

What is Tiktok 18+ APK?

TikTok 18 Plus is a modified version of the official TikTok app that is specially designed for users over 18 years of age and those who are addicted to TikTok but cannot use it due to the ban in their country. It provides the same features as the official TikTok app with some additional features such as the ability to add custom themes and backgrounds to videos and access to restricted content.

In this featured version of Tiktok, you can enjoy content without any ads and get more likes, followers and shares. The original version of Tiktok is restricted in many countries due to some content aspects or limitations, this latest and unlocked version of Tiktok 18+ can bypass all limitations to enjoy the entertainment.

The app allows players to download videos they want to save on their devices, and you can also link them to other accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube with your Tiktok account. This act provides you more followers, likes and likes on other social media accounts and that tiktok account. Before uploading the video, you can also edit your video and add filters and effects to the video for better results; It also enhances your video graphics.

TikTok 18 MOD APK
TikTok 18 MOD APK

How TikTok 18+ MOD APK works

You know that the Chinese developer of the official TikTok APK has not faced the necessary changes in the features of the application. That’s why MOD developers have developed many versions and TikTok 18 Plus is one of them that meets all the requirements of users without any restrictions.

It has been proven to be safer and more secure than the official TikTok app. The app is not available on the App Store or Google Play Store. The app enables profile customization without restrictions, uploading and sharing unlimited short videos. Additionally, TikTok 18 Plus gives you access to upload or download restricted content (romantic or nude).

Among all mods apps, TikTok 18 Plus has gained a lot of popularity and now its download numbers are amazing and unbelievable. If you are a TikToker, or love to watch short videos, you must download TikTok 18+ (Plus) from our website. We provide a virus-free, safe and secure version of the application. We guarantee high quality user experience and satisfaction.

Updated TikTok 18 APK 1
Updated TikTok 18 APK 1

Main Features of Tiktok 18+ Apk

Upload videos

  • This application allows its user to upload their content using creator option; You can also edit your video using the app’s feature and tool that can enhance the quality of your content for audience engagement.

Quality of videos

  • During the video editing process, this application has many tools that can increase the quality of your content, and you can also watch videos on this application with very high graphics.

No need for a login

  • If you use this app just for fun, you don’t need to log into the app, sign in, put any information and enjoy your short video.

Adult content

  • This application is restricted to users under 18 years of age due to its content, so if you are 18+, you can use it and sign up or log in.


  • When you are in your creator mode and upload your video, it offers an edit mode, which has many tools that can enhance the quality of your content.

No Ads

  • Tiktok 18+ APK is a third-party app, so you can use the app without any ads as a free mod.

Download content

  • This application allows its users to download and load the content they want, and if the creator can restrict the downloading, you can also download this application because of its additional features.

Attach with other accounts

  • If you are a creator, this application allows you to connect your account with other social media accounts, which is beneficial in engaging your viewers, and you can also easily upload videos to all social media accounts with one click through this connection.

Add effects and animation

  • During the editing process of your content, this application gives you many tools, including effects that can make your video attractive and unique; Animation enhances the quality of your video.
TikTok 18+ APK Free Download For Android 2024TikTok 18+ APK Free Download For Android

Additional features of TikTok 18+

  • Filters : Content creators can use this app’s camera and record videos through it; During your recording, you can get many filters like makeup, emoji and many other types that can make your video more attractive.
  • The Template : Suppose you have already made a video and want to make it more attractive. In that case, you’ll use this app’s templates to automatically add effects, titles, and more animations to your video.
  • Add sound : Users can select some music while scrolling and want to use it. This app has the facility to use sound and create new videos on it or you can add your already made videos.
  • For free : This app is free, but some users feel that it may require any payment due to its outstanding features, so you don’t need to worry about that.
  • interface : With many features and tools, this app provides a friendly user interface, you can easily use all the features and tools of the app; For the first time, this app also guides its users during the editing or uploading process.
  • Easy to access : The hardest thing about any third-party app is accessing it, but this app has easy access. You can easily search Tiktok 18+ on your Chrome or third-party site and then download it.
  • Download : The download method of this application is very simple; You have to download the application file through chroChromethe original site and then allow unknown resources to install the application; After the installation process is complete, you have to sign up and swipe the shorts.
Updated TikTok 18 Mod
Updated TikTok 18 Mod

Demand For The Main Features of TikTok 18 Plus

Watch 18+ Videos
The official TikTok APK does not allow anyone to share nude or romantic content. On the other hand, the TikTok 18 Plus modified application removes all restrictions. The advanced AI algorithm suggests videos based on your previous activities, and you can watch related content only on the For You page.

Zero Advertisements
If you’re using TikTok regularly, you may have seen advertisements while watching premium content. The TikTok 18+ app removes all the advertisements so you can watch anything without any pop-ups or display ads.

Use of Multiple Stickers and GiFs
In TikTok stickers always create a more vivid impact on videos, while GiFs help bring out emotions. They make short videos more interactive and engaging. Stickers and GiFs convey thoughts and feelings in a creative and entertaining way.

You can use unlimited stickers and GiFs in TikTok 18+ APK to make your video a mind-blowing one that has a higher chance of going viral and creating a lot of impact.

Professional Advanced Tools
Filters make your video look stunning and creative. Powerful overlays give you the edge to stand out among other content. And motion tracking makes animations come to life. TikTok 18 Plus latest version has advanced filters and video creation effects that give your video an advanced-level professional look.

Free of Cost
There are hundreds of applications that charge subscription fees for creating professional videos. TikTok Eighteen Plus removes all subscription charges. Now, you can create stunning interactive videos without spending a single penny and become famous in a matter of seconds.

Remove Watermark
Watermarks may be an annoying thing if you want to share your favorite video with your friends, family, or colleagues. That’s why you’ve the option to share videos on TikTok 18+ with or without watermark.

Set Thumbnail
Thumbnails are an essential aspect of professional video editing. TikTok thumbnails make it easier for viewers to find videos they want. A well-designed thumbnail can also increase video click-through rates. TikTok permits you to preview or change your thumbnail according to your choice, before publishing your video.

Create Playlist
MOD APK of TikTok also lets you create playlists that consist of similar videos that you can access and your audience can view with just one click.

Upload Unlimited Short Videos
It’s most likely to get banned if you’re uploading many short videos within the same time frame. It’s not a cause for concern, TikTok 18 Plus removes this limitation as well. You can now upload unlimited short videos to TikTok without having to worry about time limits.

TikTok 18+ APK
TikTok 18+ APK
  • Easy to share
  • Animation and effects
  • Download videos
  • Collection of filters
  • Album of sounds
  • Templates
  • High graphics
  • Enhance you content
  • Attach to your other social
  • Media account
  • Limitation of age
  • Easy to bypass the limitation
  • No requirements
  • Unlocking features mode
  • And many more

Additional Customization Features
TikTok 18+ APK provides some additional profile customization features lacking in the official app, such as adding Tag Lines, Avatars, and theme colors.

Interactive User Interface
The user interface of TikTok Plus APK is user friendly and understandable by every age of users. That’s a major reason why the 18+ MOD version of TikTok APK is trending on the world.

Unlimited Downloading and Sharing
Downloading videos is as easy as eating bread. With a few clicks you can download or share any heart touching video with social media platforms.

Multiple Categories
TikTok always asks you about your interests when you first use it. TikTok’s advanced algorithms work to find personalized content that meets your interests. It’s built a community of like-minded individuals that have the same interests.

Personalized Communication
TikTok 18+ APK allows you to personally communicate with anyone without any guidelines. That helps to build a social network and you can meet and check the psychology of others

TikTok 18+ MOD APK Free Download For Android 2024TikTok 18+ APK Free Download For Android 2024

Pros and Cons of TikTok 18 Plus Premium APK


  • TikTok 18+ is 100% virus free so it is safe to use
  • TikTok 18 Plus can be used without subscription.
  • TikTok 18 Plus is a lightweight application.
  • You can watch unlimited shorts and trending videos 24/7.
  • It has removed all the shortcomings of the original TikTok app.
  • It can help you go viral on your page.


  • Risk of broken internal security because TikTok 18 Plus is a third party app
  • You need stable internet to view and watch videos on TikTok application.
  • Updating is not an easy task, always visit our website to update the version of TikTok 18 Plus.

How to download Tiktok 18+ APK?

You can easily download Tiktok 18+ APK by following the steps below:

  1. Download the APK file
  2. Open the file and go to Settings
  3. Enable unknown resources
  4. Install the application
  5. After the installation process is complete
  6. Sign up and enjoy the app
TikTok 18 APK
TikTok 18 APK

How to Stay Safe While Using TikTok 18+ APK

Tips for Safe Usage

  1. Use a VPN: Protect your identity and data by using a reliable VPN service.
  2. Regular Updates: Ensure the app is always updated to the latest version for better security.
  3. Antivirus Software: Have a strong antivirus installed to detect and prevent potential threats.

User Reviews and Feedback

Positive Experiences

Many users appreciate TikTok 18+ APK for its freedom and ability to access a wide variety of content. They appreciate the lack of ads and the extensive features that make the app more enjoyable.

Negative Experiences
On the other hand, numerous users report problems like frequent crashes, bugs, and security and privacy concerns. The risk of downloading malware is a significant disadvantage mentioned by many.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install TikTok 18 Plus from Google Play Store?

No, the modified TikTok app is not available on the Google Play Store. So, our website (1MODAPK) is providing it free for our valuable users.

Is TikTok 18+ a safe app to install?

When you download TikTok 18+ app from our website, you have nothing to worry about. It will be 100% safe and secure as we check the application before uploading it on our website.

Is there a subscription fee to use TikTok 18 Plus APK?

No, it’s totally free. You don’t need to subscribe after downloading or using the app.

Is Tiktok 18+ APK need any VPN to run it?

No, you can open Tiktok 18+APK and use it like original Tiktok, so it doesn’t need VPN.

Is Tiktok 18+ APK safe has method of use and download?

Yes, Tiktok 18+ APK is safe to use, so you can enjoy its features freely, and the download process of this game is also safe.

How can I download a video from Tiktok 18+ APK to my device?

In Tiktok 18+ you have to click on the option or share the video you want to download and the downloading option will appear. Click on it, download it and start.

DoesTiktok 18+ APK have any age restriction?

Age restriction is required for Tiktok 18+ APK because it is an app with mature content, so people below 18 cannot use this app.

Is Tiktok 18+ APK available for the iOS system?

No, Tiktok 18+ APK is a third-party app, not available for iOS system.

Can I post my content on Tiktok as ok 18+ Apk?

If you want to be a content creator, this app will allow you to post and edit videos on TiktoK 18+ Apk.


I’ve been using TikTok 18 Plus for a few months now, and it’s the perfect app to showcase your creativity. I noticed that you can explore your inner skills better in this mod version of Apk for TikTok. Regardless, it promotes romantic or sexual content. You can become addicted to this app if you try it.

The most sought after features will help you go viral and amaze the world. So, take a look at it now and make a huge impact on the planet with your creative work.


Download ( 24 MB )

You are now ready to download Tiktok 18+ APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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