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Tensura: King of Monsters: Introduction

Tensura: King of Monsters is a video game adapted from the manga series of the same name. Hoolai Game has been getting a lot of attention since the pre-registration, thanks to its unique gameplay and deep content. If you are a fan of the series in particular or manga/anime in general, Tensura: King of Monsters is going to be a really cool game. Let’s go ahead and check it out!

Tensura: King of Monsters: Gameplay

Summon monsters. Popular anime characters come to the screen! Tensura: King of Monsters presents you with Ranga, Shuna, Benimaru, Shion, and other Monster Federation members to form a unique powerful monster legion! In the game, heroes are divided into output, defensive, and assistant types. Arrange them in a 3×3 grid to bring their attributes and properties into play and display your strategic battle array! Dispatch heroes with a close bond to trigger their synergy skills with astonishing destructive force! At critical moments, suppress the enemy with smooth, awesome combo skills!

Tensura: King of Monsters: Characters

  • Gabiru

    Role: DPS

    Gabiru’s entire kit is centered around auto attacks. His auto attack hits a single target 3 times for 70% damage. His Ultimate Skill boosts his auto-attack damage by 50%.

    Considering how easy it is for Gabiru to reach 3, or even 4 auto attacks in a single turn with Rimuru’s aptitude and gear set effects, that equates to hitting the enemy 9 or 12 times!

  • Benimaru [Ogre]

    That’s right, Benimaru [Ogre] has the highest damage potential in a single attack of any character in the game. As explained in the comparison above with Ifrit, his Ultimate Skill can reach insane damage. With the proper setup, Benimaru [Ogre] easily wipes out enemy teams.

    Best of all—everyone can get Benimaru [Ogre] simply by playing the game in the story mode!

  • Hakuro [Kijin]

    Role: DPS/buffer

    Yes, Hakuro [Kijin] is top tier simply because he makes another top tier character stronger. Hakuro [Kijin]’s auto attack has a 50% chance of allowing the ally with the highest ATK to perform a bonus attack. For Gabiru, that spells out to another 3 hits to an unfortunate enemy.

  • Eren

    Role: Crowd Control

    Yet again, another A-rank character puts the higher-ranked characters to shame. While she does not boast insane damage, Eren’s specialty is a 15% chance of freezing enemies each time she deals damage, making them waste a turn. Considering that her Ultimate Skill hits all enemies multiple times, you are almost always guaranteed in freezing an enemy or two.

  • Souei [Kijin]

    Role: Tank

    Firstly, he starts battles automatically with two clones that inherit 20% of his attributes, free of charge. He can make a new clone each time he triggers his synergy ability. The first time he receives an attack each round, a clone will take the damage instead.

Tensura: King of Monsters: Develope your Rimuru

Tensura: King of Monsters features a unique Slime system that perfectly recreates the ability called “Predator” in the anime. The Devour Mode gameplay lets players feed Slime with different items like shards and other materials to activate different combat attributes and skills! Like Rimuru in the anime, keep fighting and grow stronger! Choose from Rimuru core skills with different attributes and resistances and match them with different monster heroes to develop your own unique Rimuru!

One more secret tip for you. Up-to-date technologies materialize a fluid texture and satisfy your desire to poke Slime!

Tensura: King of Monsters: Graphics

Tensura: King of Monsters employs state-of-the-art 3D cel-shading technology to achieve splendid next-gen scenes with meticulous details. Every screenshot makes a perfect mobile wallpaper! Reproduce awesome skills in the anime and provide top-notch visual effects right at your fingertips!

Tensura: King of Monsters: Modes

Besides story mode, you can play in other modes such as Elite, Resource, or Quest. These new modes will refresh your experience. The Elite is similar to the story mode, but the difficulty level is one level higher.

Download Tensura: King of Monsters Mod APK – Latest version

Tensura: King of Monsters 1.4.0 APK Original – Download Here

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