100 Season 8: Will Lindsey Morgan return in upcoming season? What about the Spoiler? Click to know more about Release date, cast, plot and more!

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Talking about this new season 8 of 100 series, it is the best masterpiece of none other than Jason Rothenberg which came out this year. All nowadays we’re something captivating with us, or we can say that we’re possibly to go over the sequence whose idea revolves around the current ongoing situation. This story is created from a beautiful mind Kass Morgan which is based on a novel and developed by an American firm. Well, the modern vicinity all through the world is very like apocalypse scenario that we get to view in zombie movie Or sequence related to it.

The set we’re talking about is referred to as a hundred That is a play tv net sequence-based totally on the book of the identical name. Jason Rothenberg develops for the CW Network the series. We must appreciate the work of Jason, which fans are desperately waiting to see.

The Cast of “100 Season 8” !

So we expecting to see all those characters who were in earlier seasons and probably they will be the same in this season also. Some characters who may come in Season 8 such as Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes, Marie Avegero Poulos as Octavia Blake, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, and many more. So the expected crew of this new season of 100 Season are :

Eliza Tayloris coming as Clarke Griffin

Thomas McDonell is coming as Finn Collins

Alaina Huffman  is coming as Nikki

Lindsey Morgan is coming as Raven Reyes

Bob Morley is coming as Bellamy Blake

Shannon Kook is coming as  Jordan Green

“100 Season 8” : Launch Date!

Talking about its previous seasons which came into force in 2014(May) that is the starting season, season 1 then Season 2 in 2014(October), season 3 in 2016, Season 4 in 2017 and then last Season 7 in 2020(May), now Season 8 as of now is not confirmed.
Season 7 of The a hundred is all set to air its remaining episode on September 9, 2020. Sadly, season 7 has been introduced as the final and last season of the series. Leaving followers disheartened.

As of now, there has been no information about the renewal of the exhibit for season eight But followers are hoping for the best. Although it is not going as The a hundred will complete a hundred episodes with season 7. This appeared becoming to its creators to have no episodes further. Most possibly we can assume a prequel of the show. Fans are desperately waiting to see this new season and Hoping and praying that season 8 will be on its way and reach its fans as soon as possible!

What is the Storyline of “100 Season 8”?

This series is full of Action, Drama, Science fiction, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic, and this storyline of the one hundred is based totally on a post-apocalyptic world. The IMDb ranking of this sequence is amazing. Subsequently, ninety-seven years have exceeded in view that all lifestyles used to be wiped out from the face of Earth. It revolves around the lives of survivors, who typically consist of criminal teenagers. According to the storyline, the teenagers, are from an area habitat known as the Ark. They return to earth, to discover ruins after a nuclear apocalypse.





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