‘Paul Donald’ Wight aka Big Show’s Net Worth in Year 2020 and All You Need To Know About His Life!

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The wrestling champion Big Show or as his name says, Paul Donald Wight, is counted as the richest sportsperson in today’s date. His journey has obviously been tough and full of wounds but he emerged as the king after defeating some considerably greater competitors. His career took off in the year 1995 and since then, he never looked back! He is now considered as one of the most dangerous competitors in WWE!

He has been a champion in the world heavyweight championship several times and his skills never fail to give a clean defeat to his opponent. Along with the wrestling, he has also acted in some movies which helped him take his career to another level. Initially, he wished to become a basketball player as he was one of the outstanding players amongst everyone. He had to undergo several surgeries which were fortunately successful and he was able to continue shining in the sports world.

Paul’s Early Life

Born in South Carolina, Paul went under many surgeries due to his unusual body forms. He attained his education from Wyman King Academy in South Carolina where he was known for his amazing basketball and football playing skills.

Paul’s Childhood Photo

Giving up on playing football due to the clashes with his coach and he focused only and solely on his love for basketball. He further got admitted to Northern Oklahoma Junior college and continued to shine as a great sportsperson.

Paul’s Professional Life

He had a glittering career since the start itself. Most importantly, his recognition grew when he became the world heavyweight champion by defeating Hulk Hogan! Paul, many times, had to taste defeat as well. He lost the title to Randy Savage in later years. But this did not seem to be affecting him at all. He took it sportingly and gained the title back by defeating Flair.

Paul’s Net Worth in 2020

His net worth is calculated to be around $20 million. The secret of the sustenance of his income was his acceptance to appear in TV shows. He has accomplished the tag of seven-time world champion!

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