No Game No Life Season 2: What do we know about its plot, cast, and release date?

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Can you believe that more than seven years have passed since the release of No Game No Life’s debut season? Gosh, it really feels like a long time ago! The anime series is inspired by the manga and the light novel series of the same name. Yu Kamiya served as their writer. However, it took a long time to get released on Netflix. The world’s biggest streaming platform launched the show last year for anime fans. Since then, its popularity has augmented exponentially.

Due to the rising popularity of NGNL, the fans are strongly demanding its second season. Will Madhouse dispatch the much-awaited sophomore season? Or should we prepare ourselves for the news of its cancellation? Check out every important detail right here!

What do we know about No Game No Life?

In 2014, Madhouse dispatched the anime adaptation of No Game No Life for the fans. The last episode concluded the first season in June that year. It consisted of a total of 12 episodes. Sometime later, it also got released on Crunchyroll internationally.

The fans must know that six volumes of the NGNL light novel series have been adapted so far. Its anime movie, No Game No Life: Zero, is inspired by the sixth volume.

The story revolves around the step-sibling duo of Sora and Shiro. Together they make their own gaming faction named Blank. They get hailed as the only undefeated gaming team. Out of nowhere, a god named Tet appears in their lives. She gives them to chance to defeat him in a game of chess. In return, she offers them to enter an alternate reality, Disboard. The duo defeats her fair and square. They both get transferred to another reality.

Upon entering Disboard, they discover that it is governed by a spell known as Ten Pledges. It protects the people from getting harmed by their opponents. The only way to settle their fights or arguments is to participate in various types of games. Some methods of cheating are also allowed there.

Sora and Shiro become friend with Stephanie Dola. Both of them take part in a competition to win the crown. And they do not disappoint us! After emerging as the leader of Disboard, their ultimate goal is to defeat and conquer all sixteen species.

No Game No Life Season 2 – Expected Plot

As we mentioned above, six volumes of the light novel series have already met their anime adaptation. It means there are still four more editions available. Additionally, Sora and Shiro have controlled five out of sixteen species so far. Still, they have to conquer the remaining species to win the overall tournament. Also, we cannot forget Tet here. She will be their ultimate opponent. So, we can expect the sophomore season to get crammed with action and excitement.

No Game No Life Season 2 – Release Date

We cannot deny that the chances of the arrival of the second instalment of NGNL are low. Anime fans have witnessed countless amazing shows getting cancelled by the studios or the makers. We will not be surprised if it joins them into the “done and dusted” category in future. However, the executives have not released any information regarding the cancellation of the anime. But we have also waited for a long time for its release.

Several rumours about the renewal of NGNL surfaced on the internet couple of years ago. But they were just rumours. We also have to keep in mind that Yu Kamiya has not integrated any new addition to his light novel series in the last three years. This scenario leads to only one conclusion. And we believe you already know about it!

We promise to update this section if it ever gets officially renewed by Madhouse in future.

No Game No Life Season 2 Cast

NGNL consists of two leading characters named Sora and Shiro. So, we can expect Ai Kayano and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka to return to their respective voice roles if it ever comes back for a second round. Yoko Hikasa can also return for her role of Stephanie. Also, we cannot forget Rie Kugimiya (Tet).

No Game No Life Season 2 Trailer

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