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Momix Apk is an application that is third-party and third-party, with an eye at Android customers. Through Momix Apk, Android users can stream unlimited movies and shows for free. Furthermore, members can also stream content from other channels as well.
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Momix is a video streaming app that allows you to watch all the latest web series, movies, and live tv from different OTT platforms like NetflixHotstarALTBalajiVootZee5, and Amazon Prime Video.

momix apk


  • watching the latest web series from different platforms like Netflix (Netflix), Hotstar (Hotstar), Amazon Prime Video (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Watching your favorite TV shows from different platforms like Netflix (Netflix), Hotstar (Hotstar), Amazon Prime Video (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Download any of the videos you can’t watch directly in your browser or watch on your mobile device. You can also download the entire collection of TV shows & Movies available on Amazon Video and Hotstar Apps
  • Join our social community to share your favorite moments with other users
  • The app features a built-in player for videos and audio streams. Users can enjoy video movie playlists, music playlists, and even complete movie collections at high speed.

What is MOMIX?

MOMIX is an excellent app that lets you watch all the latest web series, movies, and live tv from different ottos like NetflixHotstarALTBalaji, Voot, Zee5Amazon Prime VideoUllu, etc.

momix apk

It uses the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a free application that lets you record your screen and play it back in real-time. The recording features include:

• Recordings of web series

• Recordings of movies

• recordings of tv shows

• Recording of live tv-shows

The app also has an integrated DVR function that lets you watch any show and record it to the app for later playback. This is a fantastic way to keep up-to-date with your favorite shows even when you are on the move or out of WiFi range. Another feature is its voice control, allowing you to switch between multiple user profiles easily. Additionally, it can be used as an audio recorder for podcasts or documentation. And if you are new to streaming services like Netflix or Hotstar — MOMIX is sure to help you get started! The best part is that it comes at a very reasonable price tag! You can download MOMIX APK Here !!!

Features of Momix APK

We have been using MOMIX apk for a while now and would like to share some of the features that we think are worth mentioning.

1) Automatic playlists for videos: You can set up your custom playlists in this app and then tap on any video to go to it.

2) Watch Latest Movies Online: You can watch latest movies of Hollywood, Bollywood etc. for free with this amazing app.

3) Automatic subtitles for videos: Momix will automatically translate the subtitles for you based on the source language of each video being played on your device.

4) Support for most popular languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and others supported by default under the settings section.

5) Ease of installation & uninstallation: just one click is required to install or uninstall the MOMIX apk on your android device, and all updates will be downloaded automatically even if you clear data/cache & cache partition manually when available.

6) Fast and User Friendly UI: The UI of Momix is very fast and easy to use.

7) No Ads: No more irritating ads.

8) Inbuilt Video Player: Momix has its inbuilt video player so you dont have to use any third party Video Player.

9) Add to Favourite: Add your favourite content to the favourite list, so that you don’t have to search again and again.

10) Offline Download: Download or Screen Record your content, so that you watch that content later without the need of Internet.

11) Latest Movies and Web Series: Now you can watch latest movies and web series using Momix APK. 

How to use MOMIX?

If you want to use MOMIX APK Download for Android, please visit Momix Download Page.

The download process is relatively easy, but it is not that easy to use and play. You need to know how to install it on your android device, then how to play and enjoy MOMIX, one of the best apps for watching any video program.

How to Download & Install MOMIX App on Android and iOS Mobiles?

MOMIX is a unique app that gives you the best streaming experience on your mobile device. It is the best app to download and install on android mobile. It has the latest features like TV Shows, Movies, & Live Tv from Different OTT Platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Voot, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video, Ullu, etc.

You can watch your favorite programming anytime, anywhere with MOMIX App. You can choose from different categories like Comedy & Drama, Music & Lifestyle, etc., to watch your favorite shows in their whole quality with full HD video and audio.

It is straightforward to install MOMIX on Android mobile devices or iOS Mobile devices with just a few steps below:

1) Download MOMIX App from the playstore (MOMIX APK) or MOMIX official website (Momix Official Website).

2) Once you have downloaded it and installed it on your phone, then go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Momix -> Install Updates.

3) Then Click the “Install” button on the pop-up window, which will appear on your screen now.

4) The installation process will start now, and after some time, you will get a notification here that the “App has been installed successfully.” Enjoy watching TV Shows & Movies on MOMIX App!

Pros and Cons of Momix

Pros of Momix

The Pros of Momix APK:

  • Simple and easy to use;
  • Fast and stable Internet connection;
  • No ads or tracking;
  • Available on all the major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows & Linux (Windows 10 Mobile coming soon);
  • Easy to install & uninstall;


  • Applications downloaded from third-party sites aren’t typically scrutinised in the eyes of Google. This could pose a risk for your phone.
  • APK files can contain viruses that may take information on your mobile or damage your phone.
  • Your apps won’t automatically update because they won’t have access to Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

What’s New in Momix 2.7.8?

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Server Error Fixed
  • latest Contents added
  • More Smooth user experience
  • Added Video Qualities (1080p, 720p, 480p)

FAQs related to MOMIX App

Q. What is MOMIX?

Ans: MOMIX is a unique app that allows you to watch all the latest web series, movies, and live tv from different OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Voot, Zee5, etc. MOMIX is an app that will provide easy access to all the latest content for your android device.

Q. What does it offer?

Ams: MOMIX has a user-friendly interface, making it very easy for you to use it. The app involves no confusion and requires minimal effort from users. MOMIX provides several features like 

  • Read all the latest news from TV & Movies 
  • Watch recent web series
  • Watch the latest movies 
  • Play live games 
  • Watch live sports events 
  • Like and comment on video clips 
  • Subscribe to Latest Shows

Q. How much does it cost?

Ans: This app works on the Android platform only, so there are no subscription fees. The price of the app is free. This app offers excellent quality without any high cost, so download the app now and start enjoying your favorite TV shows & movies with your friends.


Here is a little bit of a summary of the post on our blog:

The Momix app is an audio and video streaming application for Android devices. It allows you to watch all the latest web series, movies, and live tv from different OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, etc. The app also provides you with all the latest local videos and music. The most important aspect of this app is that you can browse through the videos using your phone’s touchscreen or by using your keyboard.

Since the launch of this app, many people have asked us about its usefulness. They do so because they want to know if there are any advantages over other streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. We thought it would be nice to write something on such an important topic for our dear readers and share with them our thoughts on this matter as well as what we believe are some of the disadvantages of other streaming apps out there, which may be helpful to parents who want their children to watch movies and tv shows from various streaming platforms.34 MB

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