List of Top 10 Android Apps that pay you the Real Money to use them in 2020

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The quarantine life is boring; we all admit to that. Many people have lost their jobs, some have become bored with it, and many are facing financial problems too. Usually, we spend our days lazying around the house, with just Netflix as our only rescue. But have we ever wondered how to make money by just using some apps? Usually, the apps we use, take money from us, in return for some services they render. In-app purchases in games or online shopping are our go-to methods of spending money on apps. But, there are some apps which pay you real money in exchange for using the apps! This article will help you with a complete list of the top 10 apps that you can use this year, to earn some money!

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List of Top 10 Money-making Apps that pay you Real Money :

Simple stuff. Like taking photos, or writing reviews can earn you money by just sitting at home. The following is a whole curated list just for the feasibility of all Android users who are sitting on their couch right now and lazying around. Go and get some money!

  • Cointiply: An App that earns money in Bitcoins

Cointiply is an app that pays you is available to download on platforms like Google Play Store for Android users. It helps you to earn money in Bitcoins. In this app, a person will require to complete specific micro tasks to win free Bitcoins. The duties will include Playing games, installing apps, Filling surveys, viewing ads and many other microtasks. For example, the app can just ask you to watch an ad for 30 seconds and voila! You have earned a sum of money quickly!

According to Nio Aktie kaufen, the person who uses this app will get to earn Satoshi, that is a fraction of a bitcoin for every task that gets completed. The Bitcoin made can get converted into hard cash by using websites like WazirX, Coinbase and Binance. The Android app is available to everyone on Google PlayStore app and can get downloaded in a few seconds. Happy earning!

  • Swagbucks: Do Surveys and Earn money!

If the phrase ‘easy money’ had any definition, then this should be it. Swagbucks is an app that lets you earn money while you’re chilling on your sofa while sipping on your coffee and doing a minimum thing likes surfing the web! Yes, you read it right. Swagbucks lets you earn money for surfing the web, playing games and completing questionnaire surveys online.

The person using the app gets paid in Swagbuck points, which can get redeemed for gift cards or cash in exchange. The gift cards come from retailers who are over 1500 in number, and the money is between 3 dollars to 25 dollars. The gift cards are out from companies like Amazon,iTunes and big platforms. The Swagbucks earned can also be converted to cash and send to your Paypal account.

  • Playment: Play and earn!

This app is also available to anyone who owns an Android phone. Playment makes you do specific tasks and gives you money in return. The responsibilities include watching ads, playing games, solving quizzes and surfing the web. Anyone from India can use this and earn easy money. For joining the app, one will need to verify their mobile number, and if you log in through Facebook, then one will earn more points.

  • Perk  TV App: Watch Videos and earn money!

Perk app has a variety of features which allows users to do a lot of things once downloaded. The app lets the user complete a task and then earn money, similarly to other money-making apps. On Perk, one can surf the web, solve questionnaires and visit websites. The most exciting feature of this app has to be the Perk .tv. Perk. Tv allows the user to surf online videos, like any other platform, and in return, the user can earn money. It has a variety of content too, like vlogs, trailers and mini-episodes.

  • Googles Opinion Rewards

The following may come as a surprise, but yes, even Google allows it’s users to benefit from it. Apart from running and owning the search engine and Android software, Google has this app which is individually available to only Android users. Over here, the users can participate in up to 20 to 30 surveys per weeks, give their reviews about specific products and then earn Google Play points. Unfortunately, this app does not give you hard cash, and it just helps you to redeem Google play points. The credits range from 0.1 cents to 2 dollars, but accumulating large sum of money hardly takes a few weeks. Also, it is Google so that users can trust this blindly.

  • Moocash: Swipe and Earn money!

You will not believe this when you read it. Moocash lets you earn money by just using a screen locker! If you have an Android smartphone, then you can install this app, and then it easily enables you to use the app. If the user uses their screen locker, he simply has to swipe left to claim an offer and then win a reward.

The reward can get converted into cash by using Paypal or some other method. A 1000 coins let you earn around 1 dollar, so making money is not that difficult anymore!

  • Pact: Stay healthy and earn money!

One needs tremendous motivation to stay healthy and fit. But guess what, if the motivation is money, everyone will remain healthy! This app, named Pact, lets the users set specific goals for themselves. If the user completes the goals within the stipulated time, then he can win some exciting rewards. But if he fails, then he has to pay other people who are using the app. It does sound like a fair deal. But if anyone is lazy, then they should stay away from this app, as it will lead them to burn a hole in their pockets. This app is downloadable on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Viggle: Stream and earn money!

The Viggle app lets the users win money if they watch some TV shows or listen to some music albums. It also makes the users play quizzes, where one has to identify certain TV shows or movies. The player can instantly earn some reward points. The user can later redeem those points in the form of cash or gift cards, from companies like Walmart, Amazon. Viggle Live lets the user watch whatever is live on the channel and lets him answer questions, where he can earn some points. Unfortunately, this app is not available anymore due to some technical issues.

  • Earn money: Download apps and win cash!

This app lets you download apps and then win money in return. The app also enables the user to watch videos and paid ads, which allows the user to earn cash at completion. This app is only for people who have a reliable internet connection and a lot of free time in their hands. It is available on Google Play Store.

  • Scoopshot: Click photos and earn money!

Everyone is a paparazzi in today’s world since the inception of smartphones. So why not use that talent to earn some money? Scoopshot allows people to take a picture of any event happening in a place an then the photographer gets paid for clicking that. The film will, in turn, gets used by media houses and journalists. The app is an excellent way to utilise your talent and earn money through it.

However, this is the list of 10 amazing apps that one can use to earn some money in the year 2020!

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