‘House of Cards season 7’- is there a season 7, season 6 plot explained , everything to discover about House of Cards.

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The intense series with politics and thriller representation of a strong, ambitious individual Frank Underwood, his spouse Claire Underwood conserving intentions to gain pure power and dominance, the tale revolves around the duo and their journey from the core to the prestige they accumulate in the course. Globally acclaimed, receiving massive recognitions for its brilliance in narration, the portrayal of characters, and the vision behind. House of Cards built history in its genre. The renowned series is an adaption of the novel under the same title written by Michael Dobbs. Here’s what we need to know about the show –

Will there be a season 7?

The primary season was aired back in 2013, February 1st, with 13 episodes in its run holding the title of a huge success across the world. Since then, with upgraded scripts, severe plot twists, and secluded political secrets, the show kept attracting viewers to involve in this compelling drama. The season holds six seasons currently. Season six is the conclusory season. Henceforth there will be no other season to reprise the cherished characters. In season six, we come across the death of Frank Underwood mysteriously, and his wife, with an equilibrium amount of ambitions, comes forth to rein, claiming the lifespan of the series to the closure with Claire’s era.

Reason for cancellation

Netflix is one of the most prominent names when we talk about the entertainment industry with the motive of imparting artistic work of narration and stories worldwide; the streaming company is keen to keep up its brand name. Also, it believes in certain ethics while proceeding as a company to its end users. When the accusation of sexual assault on showrunner Spacey came forth, Netflix evicted his character (Frank underwood), consequently impacting the hight successful show with a huge fan following.
This was even before season 5, and in season 6, as mentioned previously, frank has died mysteriously. The reason for the character’s disappearance was the eviction by Netflix.

Can we expect season 7 on any other platform?

Netflix has been taking up shows that were considered canceled in the past and relaunched the shows, although when it comes to House OF Cards, the probability of it being renewed is quite a task of exhaustion and risk as the audience would be disappointed to visualize any other actor replacing Spacey Netflix would hardly choose it to return. Streaming it on another platform would not be an act of wisdom either as it might not gain the same response as before rather be criticized. It might air all the seasons (which is already present in Netflix)prior to shutting down, but a brand-new season would not be a wise investment.

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