Good Girls Is Returning for another dynamite. ‘Good Girl Season 3’ updates inside.

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The Good Girls season two finale of the NBC crime drama and comedy had left viewers at the brink of their seats, clenching their pearls and gulping down Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine all in one go. Just at the end of the last few episodes of the season, Annie, Beth and Ruby and also their highly illegal money-making plans had returned back to haunt them excessively, in a big way. Beth’s ambiguous relationship with her love concern or dealer by her side Rio cost her only thing she was trying to guard. Also, Agent Turner was fixed right on her tail, still fixed on locking her away for good for her crimes. The last season’s climax changed the complete path of the show drastically.

Good Girls Release Date

The season three of Good Girls is anticipated to make a comeback to NBC on the 16th of February, 2020.  It will have 16 episodes for the new season which is higher than the 13 episodes and 10 episodes of seasons two and one, respectively. It is likely to be on Netflix after some time, but the exact date has not been mentioned yet.

New Faces we could expect to see

Charlyne Yi, from House, is said to take on the role to help make the girls get some cash—a character described as having mildly impaired social skills.

Shockingly, Rio might not technically be dead. In the final episode of season two, Beth took him out when she pointed her gun at him and fired a number of fatal shots into his body. But could he really be dead? If Rio makes out alive and heart beating, it’s ok to say that he will be now on working for the FBI in order to take Beth down.



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