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WPSAP is the abbreviated form of Windows Presentation Server application, which is a free download for anyone who wants to know more about this popular application. The WPSAP app can help you connect with different WPSS enabled computers and their data. It is the most versatile WPSS app and provides the best features to make your life easier. If you are new to WPSS then the best thing to do is to download the WPSAP App and try it out before downloading the other available apps. To know the best features of WPSS app let us check out the WPSSavers features.


WPSS App comes free with every Windows Vista PC. All you have to do is install the program on your computer. Once the program has been installed then you can start its free trial. Here you can also get some basic information about WPSS App and the best ways to use the WPSS App. It has some great features that enable you to manage your passwords very easily. You can also make use of the WPSS Contacts feature to look up recent messages and emails in the inbox.

Download WPSApp apk latest version 2021

Apart from basic functions WPSS App comes with some advanced features also. It helps you manage multiple authentication methods. It provides you with a user name and password creation wizard. You can also import and export files through WPSS App.


WPSS App is available for both Windows Vista and Windows XP. This App comes packed with various useful features. The WPSS Manager allows you to configure the per-app WPSS connection as well as per-user. The App comes with complete client library which enables you to import and connect various devices like; printers, scanners, USB drives, smart cards and the WebDAV server.

WPSS App has a built in browser and a WYSIWYG editor. It is also known as the Windows Explorer. It also has an integrated Windows search feature. The File Allocation manager feature is also known by this App. With WPSS App, you can create, modify and share documents and images with other WPSS enabled devices or with anyone over the internet. You can also upload and download files from the internet.

WPSApp apk unlock

Another feature of WPSS App is the ability to synchronize the data between Outlook and the servers. With this feature, you can create password protected folders. In other words, you can set the folder where you want to store your passwords. You can also set the password for the folders only.


The App also comes with the Microsoft Certified Systems (MCS) certificate. With the help of the MCS certificate, you are able to prove that you are an authentic system. It is very important to become familiar with the MCS certificate because it proves that you have the knowledge on the latest versions of Outlook. Another important feature of WPSS App is that it provides you the chance to connect to the web using an outlook browser. It also comes with a Microsoft Exchange Add-In.


The WPSS App has been designed to help you manage your corporate intranet, network and the web. This will not only allow you to access the information you have stored in Outlook but will also come in handy when you are planning to buy a brand new computer or when you are working with a client who wants his or her personal data to be secured. The App will also allow you to run complex applications.


One of the best features of the WPSS App is the data import feature. You can easily import the details of employees, executives, customers and clients from Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Power Point and others. This will enable you to prepare presentations and other reports that require the use of tables, graphs and the charts. You will also be able to send the presentations by using the PowerPoint interface as well.

New Update 2021

Since the WPSS App is integrated with the Windows server, the file you have imported will automatically be synchronized between the server and Outlook. This will allow you to use the data in Outlook with the files from the WPSS. You do not have to go out and download the separate apps. Since the App is integrated with the Windows server, there is also no risk of data loss.


On the whole WPSS App is a great tool for a business or an organization. It is easy to use and is very useful for a wide range of business activities. Since it is also known as a virtual WPSS platform, you do not have to worry about the WPSS infrastructure and the hardware. This App can also be used in conjunction with the Windows VPN server and the remote WAN server.


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