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Download SmithStory2 Latest version 2021

Smith Story 2 is one of the newest FREE for Android Games in Google Play. There are several versions of Smith Story available, all with different themes and FREE for Android. Each version has a complete story line revolving around Smith family, friends and farm animals.


This simple but addicting farming and animal adventure mobile game have lots of simple yet addicting addictive game play. Each level has different challenges and exciting achievements. The game is filled with fun, family, friends and many surprises. All these are blended together in an amazing virtual world.


Smith Story II is more of a complete story line with exciting and fun game play. All the levels are based on actual stories and experiences that Smith goes through in the game. The second part of the story revolves around Smith’s return home. In this part of the story, Smith finds himself surrounded by zombies. This makes the game more real and brings it that much closer to reality.


There are many exciting levels in the game where you can get the required upgrades for the vehicles and plants. It also provides a simple challenge for those who don’t like gaming much. You can continue the game from where you left off with all the rewards and levels given to you.

SmithStory2 Unlocked 

There are few things that make Smith Story II different from the other free for all entertainment apps. First is the user friendliness. Everything is very simple to play and you can even save your progress and load it up later. Second thing is the wonderful graphics and the beautiful world that are presented to you. The 3D effect really adds some life to the world and the story.


Other features that Smith Story II provides include: – nice interface with different screen shots, – simple controls with the use of touch screen or tap on the screen to move things around – many levels including an extra bonus one in the special mode which allows you to increase your score – various sounds and music to keep you entertained during the game – leader boards for different achievements and depending on how hard you want to hit the ball you will be rewarded with points. This feature is very nice as it keeps the players interested. They have the chance to feel like they are part of the action without actually getting in it. – a couple of challenges for you to complete. – a whole world to explore and enjoy.


To conclude, the only reason why this game shouldn’t be considered inferior to other similar apps is because of the great features that it has. The graphics are simple but the entire experience is exciting. The overall user experience is improved with these features and in a manner that is not only enjoyable but safe too. The story is just a little bit different and that makes it a fun and easy read for your kids.


There is no doubt that Smith Story II will get huge popularity this Christmas and will be on top of the charts. You can buy the App in its whole bundle or get the separate iPhone version for your child. It will be a wise move to get them both so that they can learn about the story along with their friends. With the huge success of this app, the studio is sure to come out with more entertaining games for 2021.


When you start playing the game, you are thrown into a world where you find yourself lost and having to survive. You have to make your way through a variety of environments and find shelter at the beginning of the game. You have to survive the night and battle creatures that will try to eat you. In order to survive long enough to reach your friends, you have to collect items and find the location of your friends. The goal is to make your way to the finish line and meet your loved ones.

New Update 2021

Although it is simple, the graphics and the effects are excellent. The story is engaging and it keeps you interested throughout the time that you play. You will be happy to know that there are many features that you can use to customize the game: you can personalize your weapons and clothes, change your starting item, get more than one set of eyes and many more.


Although the graphics might be a bit simple, it still makes this game look great. The user interface is very easy to understand and it makes playing the game enjoyable. The story is very interesting and it will keep you busy for many hours. The best part is that this game has an ending that will give you a sense of relief and you will be excited to get started with the next episode.

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