Bitlife Mod APK v1.34.2 : Bitizen Unlocked + No Ads Free Download for Android

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Introduction of Bitlife Mod APK :


If you are very much interested in case of simulation based realistic online game, the best option for you is the Bitlife Mod APK. This game is completely realistic simulation based online multiplayer game. If you know about the simulation game, you will be able to understand about the features of the game. So, you have to know these features of this type of game. So, if you want to compare the properties of the game with Bitlife Mod APK, you will be able to understand that Bitlife Mod APK is perfect simulation game. You will be able to get a lots of creative features in this game, Bitlife Mod APK. And Specially, this online simulation game,      Bitlife ModAPK, will provide you lots of funs, entertainments, etc. So, don’t waste your time. Start enjoying this game. And, if you don’t know about this game, go through this article. Follow the steps for downloading and installation. Start downloading and after completion, start playing this game.


You can do anything in this game, because this game will help you to discover your stories, shape of your stories etc. This game will inform you about your performance in each and every time. It will determine about the way you are going through out the game. You will be able to access all characters in this  Bitlife ModAPK. You will be able to relate all characters with your own characters from this simulation game,  Bitlife ModAPK. This game will define about your characters, your way of playing, what way you are going through out this online game etc. So, here some basic points, for example happiness, health, smarts, looks, etc. activities are available in this game. You can get various activities. These are working activities, clubbing activities, gym activities, plastic surgery activities, study activities, prison activities, commit crimes activities etc. So, Are you excited? Don’t waste time. Start playing this game.


Some basic informations about Bitlife Life simulator mod apk :

1. Name of the application – Bitlife simulation mod apk.

2. Type of application – Simulation type of game.

3. Developer of the application – LLC, Candywriter.

4. Android requirement – 5.0+

5. Size of the game – 102.40 MB.

6. Mod features of the application – Unlocked.

7. Latest update on – 12 th October in the year of 2020.

8. Get this application on – Google Play Store.


Mod Apk Features of Bitlife simulator mod apk :

There are a lots of Bitlife simulator mod apk. These are mentioned in the paragraph, mentioned or given below. These mod apk features of Bitlife simulator mod apk are –

1. You can unlock all from Bitlife Mod APK.

2. You will be able to understand about your all performances from this game, named as Bitlife Mod APK.

3. You can understand about happiness, health, smarts, looks, etc from this Bitlife Mod APK.

4. You will be able to understand various activities from Bitlife Mod APK. These are the working, clubbing, gym, plastic surgery, study, casino, commit crimes, prison etc.

5.  You will be able to understand about the smarts, money, craziness, etc. from this simulation game, Bitlife Mod APK.

6. There are no advertisements in this latest version of the simulation game, named as Bitlife Mod APK.

7. This Bitlife Mod APK game will provide you the fun of the simulation realistic game.

8. This version of Bitlife Mod APK will give you lots of funs.

9. In this game, players will be able to access various activities and various decisions that will create your personal status. So, these are the new mod apk features of this simulation game, named as Bitlife Mod APK.

How to download and install this simulation game?

To download and install this latest version of the game, you have to just follow some basic steps. These steps are very easy to operate. So, follow the steps and enjoy this game.

These steps are –

1. Firstly, you have to uninstall the previous version of Bitlife Mod APK from your device.

2. Then go to settings, enable the unknown source option by pressing the allow option.

3. After that, find the location of the file, named as Bitlife Mod APK.

4. Click on the above file, start downloading the file, Bitlife Mod APK.

5. When download is completed, you will get a notification.

6. Then, you will be able to install this mod apk file in your Android device. In case of PC, you have to run this file for operating.

7. After completion of downloading and installation, open the application.

8. Register with your Facebook account, or email id.

9. Start playing this game, Bitlife Mod APK.

10. When time will be increasing, this this game will provide you, your performance. So, in this way this Bitlife Mod APK will increase your confidence level.

So, why are you waiting? Please follow the steps and complete the full procedure for downloading and installation of this simulation game.


So, from this above paragraphs, you will be able to understand about Bitlife Mod APK. This is completely a simulation based game that will give you, your identity, your profile etc. You will be able to understand about your happiness, health, smarts, looks, etc. You will be knowledgeable about your clubbing, working, gym, plastic surgery, casino, study etc. So, why are you not doing this download? Don’t waste your time and enjoy your free time with Bitlife Mod APK.


FAQs regarding the Bitlife Mod APK :

1. What are the various mod features of Bitlife Mod APK?

Answer: These are gym, study, casino, plastic surgery, clubbing, working, happiness, health, smarts, looks etc, these features, you will get in this version of Bitlife Mod APK.

2. What about the popularity of the game?

Answer : As it’s a new game, the game lovers should take the responsibility for increasing the popularity. So, if you like this game, you will be able to share this with your friends. So that they will be able to know about this and they will download it. So that the popularity will be increased more and more.

3. Is Bitlife Mod APK supported in Android?

Answer: Yes, it’s Specially used for android devices. You can u

Download link of the Mod Apk:

Click Here to Download Bitlife Mod APK From Here



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