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We use various apps in our day to day lives, some we use because we need to use them, for others it is for fun. Whatever the reason be the apps we use have become a part of our daily lives. So, instead of using the same boring apps daily, why don’t we spice up the things a little bit? Modded apps are the best when it comes to use the premium features of any given application for free of cost. Nowadays every single app keep some features under the hood and demand a weekly, monthly, yearly or a one time payment or subscription to unlock those premium features or benefits. So, today we will be discussing about the top most useful modded apps of 2021. So what are you waiting for? Lets get started.

  • Vault – Hide Photos & Videos Premium Mod APK 2021

    Vault is a security app, which helps to keep your personal data safe and secure. This is the only place where you can store all your private photos and videos, even SMS safely. Without the premium features that this app offers it is just another password protected app but with the premium features activated it can be much more than that.
    Premium Mod APK Features:
    1. App Lock: Use as an app-lock for your social media apps, photos, videos, Telephoning apps for the complete security of your privacy.
    2. Private Browser: The is an inbuilt incognito browser for a secured and privacy protected web browsing experience.
    3. Cloud Backup Feature: Use this feature so that you never loose any of your valuable data.
    4. Fake Vault Feature: Use multiple vaults with different passwords for different things and also create a fake vault to confuse intruders
    5. Stealth Mode Feature: Vault gets hidden and can only be found by entering the correct password.
    6. Break-in alerts: The vault secretly captures a picture of any intruder who tries to open it with a wrong password and saves it along with a timestamp and the wrong password entered.
    Download Vault – Hide Photos & Videos from Play Store by clicking here

  • Snaptube VIP APK 2021

    Snaptube is a simple YouTube video downloading app which helps you to download and save videos directly from YouTube and save on your device to watch later without the need of an internet connection.
    VIP APK Features:
    It is easy to use and ad-free.
    2. It downloads videos directly from the YouTube platform.
    3. You get to download HD Videos and you also get to choose the quality of the video to be downloaded so that you adjust accordingly with the phone’s memory left.

  • tTorrent Ad free Pro APK 2021

    tTorrent Ad free Pro Apk is one of the best torrent downloader out there. Unlike traditional torrent downloaders which may take hours to download a video or a movie this Modded APK splits the file into multiple parts and using the P2P transfer it downloads your files at hyper speeds.
    Ad free Pro APK Features:
    1. As the name suggests, it is completely ad free, Yay! no more ads.
    2. Search for your required terrents with the help of optional plugins.
    3. Allows you to choose the required file from a torrent containing multiple files.
    4. Magnet link support, DHT support.
    5. IP Filtering and proxy supports.
    Download μtorrent from Play Store by clicking here

  • Poweramp Mod APK

    Poweramp is the most powerful music player with tons of features which the music lovers love to have. Even without the premium features Poweramp is one of the most beloved music playing app on android OS. Well you also get to trial the premium features for free for the first 15 days through a free trial system.
    Mod APK Features:
    1. Replay controls
    2. Plays songs from folders as well ad from your own library
    3. Dynamic queue feature
    4. Lyrics support, including lyrics search via plugins
    5. Embed and standalone .cue files support
    6. Support for m3u, m3u8, playlists, playlist importing and exporting
    7. Download missing album art feature
    8. Artist images downloading feature
    9. Custom visual themes with tons of themes available
    10. Widgets with many unique selectable styles and highly advanced customizations
    11. Lock screen options feature
    12. Milk drop compatible visualization support (and 3rd party downloadable visualizations)
    13. Headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or Bluetooth connection
    14. Scrobbling
    15. Tag editor
    16. Android Auto
    17. Google Assistant support
    18. Chrome cast support
    19. Unique Direct Volume Control (DVC) for extended dynamic range and really deep bass
    Download Poweramp from Play Store by clicking here

  • Airbrush Mod APK

    Airbrush is one of the best photo editing app out there not only for android devices but also for ios devices. The Premium features of Airbrush Pro makes it an even better application for editing your selfies to look natural yet great. Airbrush Mod APK provides you with all the Airbrush Pro features completely free of cost. So now you can make your photos look more professional by just applying a few filters.
    Mod APK Features:
    1. Brighter Teeth: The teeth whitening feature helps you to brighten up your smile without over-whitening.
    2. Blemish and Acne Remover: Now say goodbye to acne and blemishes and say hi to spotless glowing skin on your pictures. With airbrush blemish remover, you can remove pimples and other unwanted spots with the tap of a finger.
    3. Brighten your Eyes: The brighten function enhances your eyes to instantly light up your facial features.
    4. Gives yourself the Perfect Skin-tone: It allows you to Retouch, edit and even tan your skin to achieve perfect glow in just a few swipes.
    5. Edit & Reshape Your Selfie: Instantly slim, lengthen or reshape any area of your photo with just a few swipes of your finger.
    6. Real-Time Photo Editing Technology: You can also edit your photos before taking the picture with real-time editing tools.
    7. Sharing your pictures: Airbrush allows you to share your photos when you are done editing, share your pictures with popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

  • NordVPN Premium Mod APK

    NordVPN is arguably one of the best VPN apps out there and it helps to protect your privacy in the web and protect from the dangerous activities of the web. NordVPN is one of the best in this job.
    Premium Mod APK Features:
    1. Easy to use and On one-tap connect.
    2. 5500+ servers worldwide and 2700+ ultrafast servers for turbo speeds.
    3. Unlimited data for freedom on the internet.
    4. Powerful encryption ensuring top-grade security.
    5. VPN protocols which includes OpenVPN, NordLynx based on WireGuard.
    6. Users can also enable Double VPN for ultimate privacy.
    7. Protection for 6 devices at the same time with a single account.
    8. The auto-connect feature helps for effortless online protection.
    9. Ads Free VPN Service.
    Download NordVPN from Play Store by clicking here


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