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» » » Governor of Poker 2 Premium MOD apk for Android
Governor of Poker 2 Premium MOD apk for Android

Governor of Poker 2 Premium MOD apk for Android

English, Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Yoruba, Bengali, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu, Indonesian, German, Korean, Hungarian.
Application Version:
Android version:
64 Mb
Youda Games Holding B.V.
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Governor of Poker 2 Premium - 18 cities in Texas must be conquered to become the absolute champion in this card game that occurs in the days of the Wild West! Defeat all your opponents in Amarillo and prove them you are the best in the poker! The most interesting thing in this Android game is that you can play against the famous movie characters of westerns, and you can spend the won money on the purchase of industrial enterprises of the city, increasing your influence in Texas.

Governor of Poker 2 Premium begins its storyline where the first part ended, so if you played the first part, you will immediately understand what the essence is. The new Dallas government has banned poker, but you have to take matters into your own hands and prove to them that they were wrong. MOD unlimited money. Free download.

Download Governor of Poker 2 Premium hack MOD apk v. 3.0.10

How to install games with cache (OBB) on Android? Step-by-step guide

If the game is from the Google Play Market, then the folder for OBB and its contents is automatically installed, then you go through the game and your cache increases, new data is added to it. We will analyze the installation of OBB, downloaded separately. The process is generally simple and does not require special skills from you. You just need to copy the data to a specific folder on your device.

Before performing any actions, we recommend you to download one of the file commanders, such as: ES Explorer, And Explorer, Root Explorer or Solid Explorer, on your phone or tablet. Download the game (.apk-file) with the cache (archive) and unpack it in the following folders: /sdcard/Android/data/ or: /sdcard/Android/obb/. If you have the possibility to connect the gadget to the computer – it would be more convenient.

Attention: If there is one or several files with the .obb extension in your cache folder, then the cache must be copied to the folder: /sdcard/Android/obb/, if not, then the folder: /sdcard/Android/data/.
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