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» » » ROBLOX for Android MOD apk
ROBLOX for Android MOD apk

ROBLOX for Android MOD apk

English, Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Yoruba, Bengali, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu, Indonesian, German, Korean, Hungarian.
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99 Mb
Roblox Corporation
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ROBLOX - this game is often called Minecraft for mobile. You could even say that this game surpassed Minecraft to some extent due to the infinity of the flight of fancy. The game of adventure genre in its latest versions got what was expected of it for so long - group chat and the ability to play in multiplayer mode.

According to statistics, more than 100 million people play Roblox: both children and adults. On this page you will find a link to download the mod for the Android game Roblox hacked fpr robux. In simple terms, robux is the in-game currency.

This is virtual money, for which you can purchase various things in the game, trade with other players, ungrade your character. Of course, robux can be earned with a simple game or bought, but some people want to play without unnecessary problems and it was for this reason that this mod was created.

Download ROBLOX MOD apk v. 2.366.266498

How to install games with cache (OBB) on Android? Step-by-step guide

If the game is from the Google Play Market, then the folder for OBB and its contents is automatically installed, then you go through the game and your cache increases, new data is added to it. We will analyze the installation of OBB, downloaded separately. The process is generally simple and does not require special skills from you. You just need to copy the data to a specific folder on your device.

Before performing any actions, we recommend you to download one of the file commanders, such as: ES Explorer, And Explorer, Root Explorer or Solid Explorer, on your phone or tablet. Download the game (.apk-file) with the cache (archive) and unpack it in the following folders: /sdcard/Android/data/ or: /sdcard/Android/obb/. If you have the possibility to connect the gadget to the computer – it would be more convenient.

Attention: If there is one or several files with the .obb extension in your cache folder, then the cache must be copied to the folder: /sdcard/Android/obb/, if not, then the folder: /sdcard/Android/data/.
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